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About this course

  • $97.00
  • Jump into “101 Makeup Tutorial: For the Everyday Woman,” crafted by Valinda for anyone looking to enhance their daily makeup routine simply and effectively. This course is specifically tailored not for makeup artists, but for everyday individuals seeking to master the art of applying makeup on themselves through straightforward and accessible techniques. Get exclusive access to a bonus Get Ready with Me video, where Valinda shares her quick, versatile makeup routine. With 90 days of unlimited course access, learn at your leisure and revisit the tutorials anytime. This course goes beyond just makeup—it’s about feeling confident and streamlining your beauty regimen. Sign up to redefine your makeup routine with Valinda’s expert advice and approachable style.
  • This course includes: Foundation Basics: How to select and apply the right foundation. Eyes That Pop: Techniques for eye makeup that stands out.
  • Cheeks and Lips: Quick ways to add color to your face. Making It Last: Tips for long-lasting makeup.

Apply Your Makeup Like A Pro